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Why Should You Fertilize in the Fall?

Fertilizing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the good health of your trees and to ward off future problems. Trees in urban and suburban environments are under a lot more stress than trees of the forest where nutrients are readily available. It's common knowledge to fertilize in the spring, but your trees also need nutrients in the fall to store energy and support root growth before winter.

Do I Need to Fertilize?

We tend to think that trees in our planted landscape can pretty much fend for themselves. But we have created an unnatural landscape that can be further compounded by poor site conditions, drought or overwatering, improper planting, and mulching!

Nutrient loss makes trees more susceptible to pests and diseases. Insect problems and diseases will take advantage of any opportunity! Fertilization helps to prevent disease and unwanted insects.

If you notice that your trees and shrubs turn color early, have branch dieback, or have small or sickly leaves during the growing season, it’s a good indication that they are experiencing a nutrient deficiency and need some help. A fall fertilizer treatment will help them recover from the stress of the growing season and encourage new lush growth in the spring.

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How Can I Be Proactive?

A proactive plant health care program mimics what should be happening naturally for a healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscape. Improving soil health and fertility is the best way to help your trees help themselves.

When you consider the cost of replacing just one mid-size tree or shrub, it is typically more than it would have cost to properly care for it in it's lifespan. In order to preserve your tree’s long life, it is wise to invest in fall tree fertilizer.

We can complete tree fertilization into the late fall, or even early winter, right up until the ground freezes. In other words, there is still plenty of time to make sure your precious investment is protected.  In addition, periodic treatments for pests and diseases that feed on trees are also important.

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